Winning Title 5: Little Kids Inc., Putty Mania Packaging

LTK_PuttyMania 01

American Graphic Design Awards Winning Title 5: Little Kids Inc., Putty Mania Packaging


Little Kids Inc. has grown their legacy through their traditional bubble product line, Fubbles but has recently branched out into the novelty toy section with some ultra fun products. The Putty Mania brand look needed to keep a consistent overall look, with areas to differentiate per putty style: color change, metallic, glow in the dark, etc.

Putty Mania consists of a tin of specialty putty with a set of googly eyes to create your own putty creature. We wanted the packaging to have personality and communicate the play pattern. To keep the packaging consistent, we designed a logo of a playful putty creature with wild eyes and used at the top of each packaging. The bottom of the packaging was filled with a large putty character holding the tin and blistering the actual googly eyes. The character at the bottom changed color and style based on the product. Putty Mania was displayed in the novelty toy aisle at Toys R Us.

LTK_PuttyMania 02

LTK_PuttyMania 03

Winning Title 4: Little Kids Inc., Candylicious Packaging

Candylicious 01

American Graphic Design Awards Winning Title 4: Little Kids Inc., Candylicious Packaging


Little Kids, the creators of the iconic Fubbles bubble product line, have taken their bubbles to a new level by developing a line of edible bubbles. The challenge of the Candylicious Bubbles was that it needed to compete in both the candy and toy aisle. Targeting the 5-9 age range, we worked closely with Little Kids to create a memorable character with a back story – the Candy Bandit, which became the face of the brand. After illustrating a series of Candy Bandit characters smuggling bubbles and turning them into candy, we paired them with flavor specific packaging. The packaging used patterns and bright colors printed on foil to help stand out in the competitive market. The brand bloomed into a full line of products consisting of exclusive lines, refill pouches, and a bubble machine developed from our character. Candylicious Bubbles was picked up by Target along with a few other major retailers and is currently in the manufacturing stage.

Candylicious 02 Candylicious 03 Candylicious 04 2

Winning Title 3: Clean Brands LLC, Clean Rest Packaging

CleanRest 01

American Graphic Design Awards Winning Title 3: Clean Brands LLC, Clean Rest Packaging


Clean Brands LLC. are sleep hygiene experts known for their MicronOne technology offering bed bug solutions, mattress & pillow covers, and hypoallergenic bedding encasements for complete protection. Their newest pillow line, CleanRest, a collection of thermo-regulating waterproof protectors and pillows in a variety of quality levels needed a brand-look to instantaneously communicate their “clean-sleep” messaging. Secondary to the messaging, the packaging also needed to be easily identifiable between each style of pillow construction. Through a series of market and consumer research, preliminary concepts and solidifying the brand message, we developed a brand that felt natural, comfortable, innovative and most importantly, clean. The CleanRest brand made its debut at the Las Vegas Market Furniture Show last year.

CleanRest 02

CleanRest 03

Winning Title 2: Va Presto, Va Presto Branding

VaPresto 02

American Graphic Design Awards Winning Title 2: Va Presto, Va Presto Branding

We were approached by John Scotto, (owner of the Italian hot spot Fresco by Scotto in midtown and Guest Chef on the Today Show) with a new restaurant concept – Va Presto. The concept for the restaurant was an Italian “fast-casual” environment. The menu includes fresh, handmade healthy Italian options – handmade gluten-free pizzas, pastas & sauces made fresh daily, sandwiches and salads – all on the fly.

The biggest challenge of this project was the secondary concept to the, Scotto was inspired by bicycling, especially Tour de France & bicycling races. Inspired by our research of classic bicycling posters, vintage maps, Tour de France memorabilia and pieces of the bicycle itself, we presented brand look that encompassed both a fast-casual Italian restaurant and bicycle themes. Va Presto by Scotto is open 6 days a week at 220 East 42nd St. New York, NY.

VaPresto 03

old, grunge wood panels used as background


Winning Title 1: Fit & Fresh, Back To School Packaging

FF_BackToSchool 01

American Graphic Design Awards Winning Title 1: Fit & Fresh, Back To School Packaging

Fit & Fresh is a fast-growing company that carries an array of products to help make it easier for people of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle. Fuzion has partnered with Fit & Fresh on a variety of projects spanning from their adult through juvenile lines. For the 2015 Back To School products, Fit & Fresh was looking for something different than their traditional line looks. Our research led us to creating a packaging look that stood out on shelf, utilizing a black background paired with chalkboard graphics. The Back To School line consisted of 3 different categories of products, STAKPAK (stackable containers to keep your cabinets organized), LEAK-PROOF (containers that can slosh around in a backpack and not spill liquid), and KEEP IT COOL (containers to keep your food cool throughout the day). To differentiate the lines, we paired the black background with a color-coding system of bright colors driven by the vibrant product coloration. We carried the line look onto a variety of wraps and closed boxes, which were displayed on retailer’s shelves this school season.

FF_BackToSchool 02